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Mellon-Sawyer Seminar at Columbia University, 15 April 2021. Paul Edwards, Gil Eyal and Myanna Lahsen, hosted by Gil Eyal.


Sociology of sustainability science:

New article calls attention to how logics of research communities need to be examined and changed to improve the usefulness of research for sustainability transformations.

Click here for full text article

Intelligence and communications technologies:

The imperative of examining assumptions behind current policies and instating more responsible governance structures to ensure public benefits, also for sustainability

Click here for full text article Click here for full issue of IEEE

Global North-Centric communication recommendations

Study of Brazilian media coverage reveals US-centrism in assumptions about effective communication about climate change and disasters

For link to open access article

Environment Magazine Executive Editors sharpen magazine’s focus post-Covid19

Other News:

I’m excited to join the Advisory Board of Environmental Research Letters (February 2021)- link

Keynote: Launching Cornell University’s Polson Institute for Global Development

Cornell University, Seminar

Video – listen to the presentation


Oxford University, Oxford Centre of Tropical Forests (OCTF), Seminar

Link to Poster with description

Oxford University, Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS), Lecture

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