Climate Policy Networks in Brazil and Internationally

In research and collaborations under the international collaborative COMPON project (Comparing Climate Policy Networks), I lead the Brazilian team and produced the standardized survey instrument. An uncommon effort at producing standardized and thus comparable data from countries around the world, COMPON – a project under the Earth System Governance project – subsumes teams from over twenty countries, mainly from the Americas, Europe and Asia. The teams share and compare national news coverage- and social network data to identify and understand patterned dynamics and outcomes of climate policy and politics, including national and regional variations [33-35]. The Brazilian team has collected extensive survey data from 93 major stakeholders spanning organizations from government, industry, labor associations, and research and activist non-governmental groups.

Research under COMPON enriches my investigations of climate knowledge politics but also transcends it. Forthcoming publications explore (1) Brazil’s industry role in national climate policy, revealing to play a major – and underrecognized – role in restraining climate policy, and (2) how long-standing cultural and political traits shaped by the legacy of colonialism shape how scientific knowledge circulates and weighs in climate policy networks.

More more on COMPON and work produced under it, see and here.

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